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Breeding for a palomino

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Breeding for a palomino
  • Is there a specific way to get that dark golden, light mane color?  I'm not talking about sooty palominos, but you know how some of them are pretty light in the body?  It's like their mane and body are almost the same color.
    Is there a specific type (color) of chestnut bred with cremello or white that would bring out the dark golden body color or is it mainly a game of chance?
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  • Hmmm...not exactly sure.

    So are you looking for the dark palomino with a white mane, or the one with a solid body & mane color all one tone?

    I think taking a look at the parent's shading would be the best way.  If mom is a chestnut - is she a deep rich chestnut with hair the same shade?  Or is her mane already lighter or flaxen and her overall color more sorrel?  That may give you a clue at how baby's mane/body color will come out.  While a breeding of a Sorrel/chestnut bred with a cremello will always give you a palomino - the shade of that palomino can be a crapshoot at best.

    Personally if I wanted the darker body color and white mane - I would go for a flaxen chestnut.  A flaxen chestnut bred to a flaxen chestnut will always produce a flaxen chestnut and many of them look palomino, especially if their breeding has focused on a white mane. 

    Here are my two flaxen chestnuts (both haflingers).  Many people call them palominos but they are not.  There is no cream gene. 

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  • One like this.  So a flaxen maned chestnut should do the trick bred to what?  If not cremello...white?
  • Bad picture, but this is the mare in question.
  • White?  A true white is a rare horse color - originally believed to be a myth, but they did some genetic testing on it and found it is real, but hard to get.  Most white horses are actually greys or max sabinos - which is what you do NOT want.

    I would try a flaxen chestnut with a cremello for the best chance.  But even with that there is no guarantee you will get the exact color of palomino that you want, but you will get a pally.  The only guarantee is if you buy what you want.

    Now the mare that you pictured is really small.  It looks like the mane & tail is darker - is she a bay or just a dark chestnut?  Either way, I doubt you will get the specific shade of palomino you want with her.  If she is bay, you may end up with buckskin and if she is chestnut, then I bet the resulting foal's mane and tail will be closer in color to the body color.  You might get what you want, but its not the best chance.
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    Thanks for the words of wisdom, btw. 

  • Yes, she is a chestnut, but I understand what you are saying.  Makes more sense now.  Thank you.
  • Ohh! Great Suggestion..