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White sclera in paints' eyes

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White sclera in paints' eyes
  • Our paint gelding, Tahoe has very obvious white sclera around the edges while our other 2 horses do not.  Is this typical of the breed?
    Obviously he's spooking in this picture, but he often looks startled with the whites showing, kind of like shark eyes.........

  • I don't know but Kelly is just the cutest thing in this!  She hasn't a care in the world!  Spook?  Bah!  It's nothing!  [':)']
  • Yah, she's pretty calm.  He was fine until the audience started applauding and in the covered arena, he really didn't like it!  Last weekend, he freaked out during the Santa's gift delivery race, didn't like all that crinkly wrapping paper and kept whirling away from the bag over her shoulder until she finally tossed the bag and he "got away!"  She was calm, kept her heels down and stayed with him, the goof ball.  Gotta do the carrot stick with the grocery sack thing with him, he won't even eat carrots out of a plastic bag.  We threw a tarp down and he eventually got over that but I'm sure if I did it again, he'd be freaking out again!
    He almost always looks startled, whether he is or not.......
  • Any paint people out there??
  • Not a paint person...but, the paint I leased had white sclera too.  He wasn't pure bred though.  My friend with spanish mustangs has horses that are paint patterns and some of them have white sclera.
  • I have a solid paint mare that also has the white sclera around her eyes. When she's upset about something they really show. Her eyes makes me think alot of an Appaloosa's, I've seen several others like this.

    If you look closely you can see the white sclera showing in this shot which wouldn't be with others as she's not really looking that far back.

  • It's a Paint characteristic.