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What color to register her as?

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What color to register her as?
  • The two-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse filly I'm training has a strange color. As a foal she looked like a dark dun, but last summer she was the color of a liver chestnut. However when I went to see her two weeks ago she looked like a faded black. She's outside in the field all day so the sun might fade her coat some but could that change her color that much? Also, her mane and tail are always dark brown with red at the ends. She isn't registered yet but her owner would like to register her within the year, he's waiting to see what color she's going to end up being. He is thinking she's black like her sire but I think she will be dark brown like her grandsire. Her dam is a flea bitten grey if that helps.
  • You could send off to that place in KY and see what her genetics say. I think you send them a hair sample or something like that. It's not very much.

  • I think she need required supplements.