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Color of this paint?

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Color of this paint?
  • Hello all! Have a question for the color pros here (please, I need true estimations not just hopeful random guesses if possible, no offense)... I'm trying to decipher the true color of this weanling. I've generally been able to tell between the Black-Bays, Seal Browns, and true blacks... but this guy has me completely puzzled. He doesn't show as obvious of a trait towards the black/dark-bays and seal browns... but then he doesn't seem to be shedding out exactly pure black either. One thing to note is I'm in TN and our babies turn very black when they shed their baby fur. This baby is in South Dakota and he is in a very flat area, so I'm mentally trying to leave room for the idea that he could show more browning down his sides than mine (the sun hits him allllll day long) The most questioning is that he shows brown just under his eye, and while that looks like something other than a true black horse would look like, he didn't really show it at the beginning stages of shedding. Which makes me wonder if he had gotten sun browned there. Have you ever had a horse who sun-browns out below the eyes (but isn't that color truly)...? He also looks blacker on the right side than the left (less faded areas) His sire is a Sorrel, and Dam is definitely black. I will post photos in the next post of a month prior to when these photos were taken. You can see the brown around his eye is almost unnoticeable from a month before. Anyone out there who has blacks/bays/seal browns...raises foals of this color, have any guesses for me based on your experience/observation... or photos of similar babies that have shed out to be a different color? Muchly appreciated!!! :)
  • More photos taken the same day
  • And here are photos taken a month ago.
  • at this age... it's anyone's guess.  Looks to be the same colour as my mare, Seal Brown.  Her papers say Chestnut... go figure.
  • Thanks for your reply! Do you have any photos on this forum somewhere I could see what she looks like, or could you post any to this thread? Thanks so much ~
  • Looks like smokey black to me. Had a Hanoverian mare who faded like that in the summer, almost looked buckskin at times. Her sire is black, mother is smokey black. Her tips of her mane and tail would bleach out orange also.
  • Such a looker!! The pics are in SD? I was in the MidSouth for a long time. Worked in Memphis, ended up living in North Mississippi.
  • love all paint colors