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AppyLady - Question on Appaloosa Pattern

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AppyLady - Question on Appaloosa Pattern
  • HI! Long time since I've been on here.

    Anyway, do you remember Beau? He's my Snowcap colt.

    Here he is way back when he was just a cute little baby :-)

    Now, it has been my understanding that a Snowcap will always keep it's pattern. In his case, both parents were heavily roaned, so I expected he would change color, but I did not expect his pattern to change. The last couple months he's started developing spots. All over to. One on his flank, one above his eye, some on his legs, a couple around his neck. Just scattered here and there. So does this mean he's not a Snowcap as we all thought, or do Snowcaps sometimes develop spots? I'm so confused!

    Here's some pics of him today

    Here he is being very naughty. His Uncle Buck was not impressed, LOL!

    Checking to make sure BS is still a boy and has not suddenly changed gender :-)

    Just a picture to show you how's he grown and how much he's changed.

    Him just looking so nice, had to include this one!

  • Benson, my eyesight isn't good enough to see those microscopic pictures!
  • Huh? They're huge on my screen. Ok, here's a link to my photobucket. You can see the pictures there, along with a gazillion more of my little Beau Man!


    By  the way, where did the smilies go?
  • Wow, Beau sure has changed! Your little boy is growing up. [':D']
    I wonder why the pictures show up so tiny on my screen? On the other hand, if they were huge I'd be complaining because my computer wouldn't load them at all and they'd be little red x's.
    I think what you're seeing is just repigmentation; it's an Appaloosa thing, they aren't really spots. It doesn't mean he's not a snowcap.
    Snowcaps usually do roan heavily, since they're homozygous for LP. I was surprised that my black snowcap stallion held his color as long as he did. He was just starting to roan a little and develope a few snowflakes when he was nine. (Sadly, he died two months ago. [':('])
  • Ahhh Man!!!! I'm sorry to hear that. It's been so long since I've really been here, I hadn't heard. That just sucks![':(']

    Thanks for the info. My hubby gave me a funny look when I told him they weren't really spots [':D']. I was starting to wonder. Not that it really matters much, he's going to be gelded as soon as we have the extry cash.