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Palomino Colt

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Palomino Colt
  • I thought I'd post new pictures of my palomino colt, so you can see how his color is changing.
    First, here he is at about a day old.

    Here he is now, at 2 1/2 months.

    His face is shedding out a rather odd color.

    The point of his hocks.

    His mane and tail are growing out a dark chocolate color.

    Who knows what color he'll be when he finishes shedding his baby fuzz!
  • Oh for heaven sake, purple halters in Colorado too? 
    That looks like a little buckskin nose poking out of that red fur!
    I love these pictures and am so glad to see he's doing so well.  But can he shuffle? [':D']
  • Oh my, he is adorable. I was completely planning on getting an Appy as my first.... well Skylar is no appy, but of course I wan't going to get a 4 year old either... But I degress,
    You seemed like the one to ask, I will by buying a miniature mare and will breed mini appy horses in the future (it's my 5 year plan). I just wanted to know if you had any tips of what to look out for with breeding appaloosas. Also do you know if appaloosas carry the LWO gene?
    Also, what is your favorite marking patterns in appys?
    Thank you, and your horses are beautiful.
  • Good looking foal. My guess as to his adult color is that he will look like mom.
  • I'll have to get some recent pictures of the colt, once he gets past the moth-eaten stage. It's obvious now that he's going to be a sooty palomino. Sadly, he's outgrowing his purple halter. [':(']
    MyAnime, LWO is the frame gene, which is considered a Paint pattern and therefore not desirable in Appaloosas. It's not impossible that an Appaloosa might carry frame (splash and sabino are common), but it's only an issue when frame is bred to frame. I'm not aware of any lethal white foals in the Appaloosa breed (not that it couldn't happen -- I've just never heard of any).
    However, miniatures have no color restrictions and Pintaloosas are common. If any of your (future) spotted minis show signs of frame (blue eyes, white face markings, etc.) it would be wise to have them tested.
    If you want to get lots of color, look for a snowcap or fewspot to use as your breeding stallion. Spotted horses (spotted blankets, leopards, etc.) are ALWAYS heterozygous for the LP gene, whereas snowcaps and fewspots are homozygous. At the very least, you'll end up with a varnish roan. Miniatures have an amazing ability to suppress appaloosa patterns...so cross your fingers and hope for spots!
    Thanks for the compliments! My personal favorite pattern is leopard. The colt above was sired by a full leopard (palomino) and I was hoping for a colt just like him. But this is what I got!
  • Thank you for the info. I can't wait until you get the new pictures up. He is so cute and I can't wait to see his true color. Do you have any pics of his sire, I would love to see them!
  • Finally got some recent pictures of the colt, now five months old. If his mane & tail would turn white, he'd actually look like a palomino!





  • wow he is quite a looker... his color is gorgous... where do you live again I may just steal him
  • He's so beautiful!

    He couldn't be a champagne could he?  They have the darker tail and mane.....
  • That's a very unusual color, I think!  He sure looks good.  He spends a lot of time standing around, doesn't he?  Probably what Dani needs.  I KNOW it's what Zag needs.  Standing lessons.  I gotta find a tree.
  • No champagne (unfortunately!), just an oddball palomino.
    He's very good at standing around, but even better at laying around and sleeping all day. He'd love to be a couch potato.
    Here's a picture of daddy, a palomino leopard. (R.I.P.)

  • How about some new pictures of Sparkle's colt?!! He is such a beautiful thing!
  • I'll get new pictures when the mud goes away. Right now all the horses are the same color, a sort of muddy shade of brown. I can barely tell them apart. [':D']
  • AppyLady! He is absolutely beautiful, look at that butt!  It's hard to tell his shoulders from the way you have him standing, but man, he is gorgeous!