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What a difference 2 wks can make-What color is Jewel?

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What a difference 2 wks can make-What color is Jewel?
  • Ok, I plugged my computer in so the monitor was brighter.  Made a big difference in color.  DUH, should have done it before.
    Liver Chestnut is my final guess.  They can bleach out from the sun in the summer and look almost black as the winter comes in, at least that is what one I owned did.
  • Take a close up look at her pasterns.... if there is black hair there then she is bay or black.  But if she has reddish hairs, possibly then dark chestnut.  The first pic of her she appears to have black points.
  • Her legs and pasterns are definitely black, as is her mane and tail although in the summer she gets a reddish tint to the tips of her mane and the top hairs on her tail.  She has this weird buckskin/palomino hair inside her ears though.......
  • sunds and looks alot like chakote...?? Iv been told many different theorys, someone said a sun faded black, others said a black bay, ....????? im curiouse to myself, "thinking" ...... think ill google horse colors, im sure well find about ten different if not more opinions lol =)
  • If she is out in the sun, I would guess that the reddish tint to her mane, and the other lighter hairs are due to being sun-bleached.