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What color....
  • Hi All,
       I haven't posted for a while. But, anyways, my mare lost her filly to mountain lion back in October '09, so i decided to breed her this coming April. She is red roan appaloosa draft cross with small brown leopard spots throughout her body. The stud I'm breeding to is named Going To Be Grand. You can find him on allbreedpedigree.com, he was foaled in 05. He is a Bay Few Spot with blue bloody knee's and blue in his mane and tail. When my mare had her oops filly back in oct, she had been breed by a bay and had a solid sorrel filly with 4 white socks and a wide blaze... I was just wondering the odds of getting spots and what colors i might get.... The picture i attached is of my mare. The stud covered his first mares last year and his babies will be hitting the ground soon.
  • Sorry about losing your filly to a mountain lion. That really stinks. By breeding your mare to a fewspot, you're guaranteed that the foal will have characteristics, at the very minimum. Going To Be Grand has a lot of color in his background, so you have a real good chance of getting a spotted baby as well. A fewspot is also a possibility.